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XP: Cost of a Ceremony Singer?

Hi all,
    So my FI and I are going to approach one of our family friends/church members/former teachers to see if she will be willing to sing during our ceremony. However, we don't want to just ask, we would like to compensate her for her efforts, but have no idea what the going rate is for such a task. How much should we offer? 
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Re: XP: Cost of a Ceremony Singer?

    edited December 2011
    Hi, I may be a little late answering your question, but here goes.

    If you ask someone who is a friend or family to sing at your wedding, there is a good chance they will offer to sing for free, as their wedding gift to you.  Please remember that this is indeed their gift, and they will not be giving you cash or a present. 

    How much you should pay partly depends on how many songs you would like them to sing.  If you want a concert - more than 3 pieces, expect to pay more.

    I think the best way to handle this would be to say, "We were hoping you could sing at our wedding!  Can you give us an idea of what your rates are?  We were thinking of three pieces."
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