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I'm thinking of walking down the aisle to an instrumental of Frank Sinatra's The Way You look tonight - I know it is a bit more upbeat than typical processionals but I thought it would be fun..  Any ideas on what I could have the bridesmaids walk down to that would work with this?

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    That is a good song choice... upbeat but still traditional.

    Why don't you have them walk into the same song?  Then you don't have to cut short the BM song and then play a short part of The Way You Look Tonight for your entrance - you could do TWYLT in its entirety.

    How about the girls walk in starting when the vocals start ("Someday..." @ ~0:20min) and then you walk in later, after the instrumental break, at the key change at "Lovely, don't you ever change..."  @~2:30min)?
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    My WP is walking down to a piano version of Only Hope from the movie A Walk to Remember and I am walking down to a piano only version of 100 Years by Five for Fighting... Maybe that helps? GL!
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