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Song for Mother/Son Dance (Stepmother)

We are trying to find a song for my fiance to use for a dance with his step-mom.  We already have a song picked out for his biological mom.  Any suggestions?  Or would it be better if he did half the song with his mom and half with his step mom?

Re: Song for Mother/Son Dance (Stepmother)

  • MissTheFrog84MissTheFrog84 member
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    I think it mostly depends on how close he is to his step mother.  

    Maybe you could use The Rainbow Connection- Kermit the Frog.  there are other version's of the song I just can't remember off the top of my head who else performed the song.  
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    I don't have any specific spng suggestions, it's a personal thing for those two to odecide upon. 

    However, I just listened to the 'rainbow connection' not only the kermit version, and I think it's an odd choice for a wedding reception dance....unless it has very significant meaning for the two dancing.  Even the Jason Mraz version is out-of-place for such an event... Just my opinion.

    Google 'mother son dance song" and i'm sure you'll have more than enough hits to go thru & see what strikes you, FI & Step-mom.  Maybe step-mom has a favorite song she's been thinking of???
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    "You've Got a Friend in Me"  Randy Newman
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