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First Dance song you can do a real dance to

So FI has been vetoing all of the first dance songs I've suggested.  I finally found out that it's b/c he pictures us doing a middle school slow dance to them.  His mom is a dancer and her sisters even own dance studios!  So he wants to do a real choreographed dance (TBD whether I can even handle this given I have not been blessed with any real dancing abilities).  He definitely can dance and I want to try.  Right now the only thing he said was a maybe was Adele's One and Only.  He's also open to At Last which I love but know is super popular.  I believe Adele's song would be a waltz.  Bottom line, nothing has really excited him yet.  Any suggestions??

Re: First Dance song you can do a real dance to

  • FWIW we used Jason Mraz - I wont give up.... we started just slowdancing/swaying, and then picked up to a waltz when the song gets going.  It was truthfully a LOT of fun to dance to....and not too hard to learn! =)
  • Why don't you ask his mom and her sisters for suggestions?  Also, ask your FI if he has any songs in mind.

    I would advise you to keep an open mind to find a song that you both like.  There are plenty of wonderful songs, some classic, some newer, that would lend themselves to ballroom choreography.  A couple that come to mind are "Save the Last Dance for Me" (Michael Buble), "Cheek to Cheek" (Frank Sinatra, or Louis Amstrong/Ella Fitzgerald), "It Had to Be You" (Harry Connick Jr.)
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  • Thanks for your suggestions!  I've asked him, but he has yet to offer something.  He said he'd have to think about it.  I definitely think asking his mom is a good idea.  I just don't want her to be offended if we don't take one of her suggestions.
  • What kind of music does he like? We're going with something in the rock/hard rock genre since we both enjoy listening to it and going to concerts.
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  • If you're open to a latin dance, there is a bachata version of "Stand By Me" that's pretty popular. The bachata basic step is pretty easy, (if you can do the Electric Slide, you can bachata) and you can add as many upgraded moves as you're comfortable with. My FI is not a dancer but he will bachata with me when we go out. 
  • We got a list from a dance class we took a few years ago that listed popular wedding dance songs and the dances that go with them.  I'm sure you can google something like that.

    We're doing Journey's Open Arms, which is a waltz, and we're taking lessons to have it choreographed.
  • We danced to Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra. Though it was out every intention to take dance lessons, we never did. We were still able to freestyle a few spins and a good dip at the end. It's a fun song that's upbeat.

    I saw somebody already suggested Cheek to Cheek by Sinatra as well. That was also on my list, but we figured we really needed to know how to dance for that song.
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