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Average price of a good DJ/emcee?

I am doing some wedding research so I can put together a preliminary budget for my wedding.  I would like to keep the total cost $10,000 or less.  This is not counting the rehearsal dinner, wedding night hotel stay, or honeymoon.

How much should I expect to spend on a good DJ/emcee for a 4-hour dinner and dancing reception?  I live north of Dallas, so if anyone has referrals that would be great as well!

Thanks all! :)
~Malori, proud Army fiancee to Mark~

Re: Average price of a good DJ/emcee?

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    aboutweddings.com says to budget 4% of the total for reception music. If the average American wedding is $27K, and the average bride follows that advice, that's $1,080 for the average spent on reception music.

    For recommendations, check your local board. They might also have a more realistic price figure locally.
  • jc04100657jc04100657 member
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    The price is really going to depend on your location, what time of the year your getting married and what day of the week. I wanted to be within a budget so I picked Sunday to get married on and I was able to get better deals since Sundays are harder to book for those companies. For referrals I would check on your local wedding board <--------- Good luck!

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