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Song to enter the reception....

Need suggestions on what we should have playing when we walk into the reception????  No wedding party to go in first, just us....

Re: Song to enter the reception....

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    umm.... How about... "it's a beautiful day" by U2....

    I thought it would be funny if myself and my future husband entered with the theme song from The Office... We're both in love with that show...

    "At last" by Etta James...

    Umm im out of ideas XD
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    We used All you need is Love.  I have seen just about everything used from high school fight songs to we are the champions to let's get this party started.   What festive fun song speaks tot he two of you?
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    I agree, find something upbeat and fun you like. We will probably be using "You May be Right" by Billy Joel. This song has been special to us, especially the line about "it just may be a lunatic you're looking for." We are crazy about each other I guess you could say. I am also thinking of "Tonight's Gonna be a Good Night," by the Black Eyed Peas as the WP entrance. I want people to know the reception is going to be FUN!
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    My brother and sister in law just used "Put your hands up in the air" radio version. The entire place was on their feet. 

    Do you have a Wedding March song yet? They Fell in Love is the Newest Wedding March for the Bride and her Father. Moving - Acoustic Guitar and Piano with a heartfelt Violin.


    The intro of the song: The Bride and Father stand at the top of the aisle. When the violins kick in, they start the emotional walk to the man of her dreams. So moving.





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