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Need a little help...

For the ceremony we're going fairly traditional as far as music and vows.  My question is.....does the wedding party and bride walk down to the same song (the wedding march)??  I know from weddings I've been two there is a different sound to the two parts but I'm not sure if it's both the wedding march or what.  A little help please?

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    You can walk down the aisle to the same song as your BM's or you can have something different. We did 2 different songs. We got married in the Catholic church and were not allowed to have the wedding march, so I walked down the aisle to Canon in D and Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring. (We were not allowed to have secular music selections). My BM's walked down the aisle to Rondeau by Mouret.

    If you are getting married in a church, your music director/coordinator should be able to help you or at least give you ideas. HTH
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    It's nice to do something different from the Bridesmaids, because the congregation knows when to stand up. It gives you something special, it announces you. 
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