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Ceremony "hymn" that's not religious?

This may sound weird, but we are not really religious and are having our ceremony in a chapel that is not affiliated with any religion, just a pretty building, non-denominational, etc.  If anything we are UU.  Anyway are there any pretty songs that would be good for a ceremony that everyone could sing like a hymn people do in church?  I love the idea of all voices joining together for something.
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Re: Ceremony "hymn" that's not religious?

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    Especially at a formal event like a wedding ceremony, people don't feel like they can/should just randomly sing along to a song. You may want your officiant to pause and instruct guests to lyrics you have printed in a program, similar to how a church service starts hymns I believe.
    If you have your heart set on everyone joining in song, make sure it's one that the vast majority of your guests will know and is in their range. "All You Need is Love" by The Beatles is one option.
    Keep in mind that this isn't something that's done very often outside of church services, so your guests may not catch on or feel comfortable doing so.
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