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Breaking Dawn's "Turning Page" by Sleeping at Last

I am in LOVE with the instrumental version of this song, and am considering walking down the aisle to it. It's just so beautiful. If you don't know what I'm talking about then you should go listen to it on youtube. CLICKY - Seriously, go. Ok, you back? I was just wondering:

1. Is anyone else using this song? If so, which parts? I'm thinking of having my bridesmaids walk out during the first part and then myself once it gets more dramatic.

2. Is it super lame that this song is from Twilight: Breaking Dawn? I'm hoping that most people won't notice, unless they're Twi-hards (especially since it will be the instrumental)...BUT I don't want people to be thinking "wow, how cheesy" as I'm walking down the aisle. 

P.S. If we end up going with this song, I'm not sure that I'll admit to FI that this is where it's from. Haha.

Re: Breaking Dawn's "Turning Page" by Sleeping at Last

  • I'm using this song!!! I'm dong what you though.. I have one MOH and a flower girl, so all 3 of us will be walking out to this song.  I doubt anyone will even recognize it to be quite honest, but yes I looove the instrumental version of this song, sooo pretty!!  but even the twi-hards.. I dont think will recognize it unless they've watched hte movie 20 times, ya know? I had to look it up myself.  
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  • I love this too! I want to use it somewhere just not sure where. 
  • Love it!!! Definitely considering this myself.
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  • Personally, I love the song "Thousand Years", which I didn't realize was from Twilight until I went to look up the lyrics. Now I'm sad, because despite my love of the song, I hate the Twilight thing in /every/ form, and I'd be humiliated if someone recognized as being from that movie and mentioned it..
  • Im using Turning Page & A Thousand Years...........

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