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First dance time limit

How long should a first dance be? The song I have chosen is a little over 4 minutes. I know I don't want to dance for that long, so what would you suggest is a decent time limit?

Re: First dance time limit

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    I would ask your DJ/Entertainment for their suggestions.  4 minutes is a long time when you are standing there watching--but if you want to dance the whole song then go for it!

    I have seen very few people dance the whole song. I would say about 2 minutes would be ideal. If you want to dance the whole song maybe you can add your BP dancing with you at the half way mark!

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    My dance is 6 minutes, but it will go with a slide show, so we will watch the first 2-3 min of slides, then cut into our dance.
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    an option is to also have "anyone in love" join you two half way through the song...this is what our DJ suggested when we thought about a longer song.
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    I like the idea of having people join you on the dance floor.  Not crazy about the suggestion for the WP, unless you'd be having them dance with their OWN dates.  Then it would be cute.

    But I do think that 4 mintues of a spotlight dance is too long.
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    4 minutes will feel VERY long with all those eyes on you.  We're doing "let's call the whole thing off" since my fiance is australian and I'm american and we obviously pronounce those words differently!  The song is kinda long, but we're fading it out after about a minute and a half since neither of us are very dancy people.  So, you could just ask your dj to shorten a song you love.  
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