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Ladies Help - Song suggestions

Hi my dear brides,

My wedding is around three months away.  I want to sing 3 songs at my wedding reception but can't decide what.  The songs are for:

1. my husband
1. my parents
2. his parents

My maid of honor sings as well, so we can do something together.  Please suggest some songs!  Thanks!!!!

Re: Ladies Help - Song suggestions

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    I'm going to try and suggests a few but I'm not very good at this so I apologize in advance.
    For your Husband "If you're not the one" by Daniel Beddingfield?
    Or either, "And She said" or "Never be alone" by Lucas Prata (the second is a little better)
    For your parents there's a song from Stand up and Cheer call "Baby Take a Bow." its different, but its so cute. I'm at a lost on that one. "Ordinary Day". by Vanessa Carlton, though it might not fit with them. Isn't there a song that has a line "Don't worry Daddy I'll always be your little girl"? I can't remember the song though. I'm sorry, i'm making a mess of this.

    And for his parents maybe "Cell Block Tango" From Chicago. (just kidding) What about "This will be an Everlasting love" or "Ain't no mountain high Enough" can't remember who sings those by they're so popular any search will bring them up.
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     I'm trying to decide if I want to sing at my reception as well.... I was thinking of singing "You're My Best Friend" by Queen.  
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    I don't want to be rude or mean, but I find it awkward when people sing to other people, especially at weddings.  Something about it makes me uncomfortable for everyone

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    I have to agree.  I'm a professional musican, and I've sung and played violin at a ton of weddings, and at some of them, the bride or groom sings.  While some of these people are really good musicians and it is well done, it is just a little weird.  As I was putting my violin away at one wedding, I actually overheard some of the guests talking about how self indulgent and tacky it was when the bride and groom sang a duet in the middle of the ceremony.  Your guests are there to support you and your new husband, not hear a concert from you.
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    I wanted to sing The Weight by Thrice to my fiance with my dad on guitar but I can't sing a bit
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    For your husband I love this song by Hope- Its called Who Am I too say
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