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help finding string quartet sheet music

I need help finding or creating string quartet sheet music for some more recent songs.  I am looking specifically for Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses and Prayer of the Refugee by Rise Against.  The pieces have been done very well by Vitamin String Quartet but they do not have the sheet music available.  I need either someone who can listen to the MP3 and transcribe the sheet music or a software that can do that (from an mp3 not MIDI).  Or actual sheet music someone else has put together for those two songs.  Please help. I am running out of time.

Re: help finding string quartet sheet music

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    Did you look at retail stores that might have software. Best Buy has: Music Creator 5 will create sheet music but from the description it's from a microphone or guitar kind of thing. Hope you find something....vitamin string quartet is just what i'm using for prelude music on a cd...
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