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FAQ - Read this first!!

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Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the boards! Contact @KnotPorscha with any community questions.

Newbies & lurkers, please don't be shy! Feel free to make a post introducing yourself. Tell us what your role is in the wedding, your date, how FI proposed, whatever you want! We love intro posts and it gives the all of the "regulars" an opportunity to get to know a little bit about you & your wedding.

Before you post to ask a question, double check prior posts to see if it has been asked recently or try to run a message board search - this is at the bottom of the board. Don't forget about Google either! You'll find that you can't have a message board without acronyms [& there are a lot of them -- I'm still learning!]

Some things for you to remember:

1) Lurk first! Take the time to just observe, read posts and get a feel for how things work here before you start posting.

2) We talk about a lot of things, not just wedding related information. Many people actually become friends. That's a good thing, embrace it!

3) Vendors are not welcome. Don't come on here advertising your business.

4) Don't ask a question unless you actually want an answer. You will hear all sides, people who agree with you and people who disagree with you. Be prepared for that. We are a friendly bunch, don't be shy.

5) Google is your friend. Use It. Love it. Also, search through prior posts, there is a good chance someone has just answered a question similar to yours.

6) Don't post ANY personal information. This is a public message board and ANYONE can read this. Personal info includes phone numbers, full name (esp last name), work info.. etc. If your screen name has your full name or email in it, change it. It's for your protection.

Happy planning!!

Here is the  link for the community rules....

1.  How do I post a pic in my signature (siggy)?
Upload a picture to either
www.photobucket.com or www.tinypic.com/ and copy the HTML code (PLEASE resize your picture first) and paste it into your signature (which you get to by clicking "update signature" on the left side of the board)

2. How do I link my bio in my siggy?
Using the code below, take out the ** and place the link to your bio
<a target="_blank" href="YOUR BIO WEBSITE HERE">My Bio</a>**

3. What websites can I use for my wedding website:
The knot offers a free website, but there are also www.mywedding.com and www.weebly.com that offer free wedding planning websites.  They are both free and very user friendly.  Weebly has the option to upload pictures and a blog to your hearts desire and also have the option to have bigger pictures.

Invite Code for siggy

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Frequently Used Knottie Lingo


Abbreviation     Meaning
BC, BCPBirth Control, Birth Control Pills
BFBoyfriend or Best Friend
BMBridesmaid or Best Man
BPBridal Party
BTWBy The Way
C&PCopy and Paste
DDDirty Delete
DFDear Fiance
DHDarling Husband
DWDestination Wedding
E-ringEngagement Ring
E-partyEngagement Party
FGFlower Girl
FILsFuture In-Laws
FBILFuture Brother-In-Law
FFILFuture Father-In-Law
FMILFuture Mother-In-Law
FSILFuture Sister-In-Law
GTGKnottie Get Together
HTHHope This Helps
IHOIn Honor Of
IMHOIn My Humble Opinion
IMNSHOIn My Not So Humble Opinion
JKJust Kidding/Joking
JPJustice of the Peace
LOLLaughing Out Loud
LTBMLiving Together Before Marriage
MOHMaid/Matron of Honor
MUDMade-Up Drama
NFTNo Further Text
NHNew Husband
NWRNot Wedding Related
OMGOh My God!
OOTOut of Town
P&EPlanning and Etiquette Board
PIBPictures In Bio
PSAPublic Service Announcement
RBRing Bearer
RDRehearsal Dinner
ROTFLRolling On The Floor Laughing
SAHMStay-At-Home Mom
SAHWStay-At-Home Wife
SAHDStay-At-Home Dad
STDsSave-The-Date Cards
TIAThanks In Advance
TMIToo Much Information
TYThank You
WPWedding Party


B&M Monday (B**** and Moan Monday) - basically whatever you want to complain about...

OL Tuesday (Open Letter Tuesday) - Just open letters to whatever you want.  This is usually like this:
Dear job,
I am so glad that my last day here will be on Friday!  I can't wait to get the eff out of here!
Person who is counting down the hours until she can get out

SA Wednesday (Say Anything Wednesday) - Basically you say whatever you want to say.  It can be WR or NWR.  It can be good or bad.  It can be flame worthy or not.

AW Thursday (Attention Wh**E Thursday)  - Brag about something going on in your life.  Another WR or NWR thing (and if you don't know what WR means- its Wedding Related and NWR is Not Wedding Related). 

FFF (Flame Free Friday) -  This is where you can flame something or someone and not get any flack for it.  Sometimes you will anyway...but it's all in fun and you can get your frustrations out.


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