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  • What the fvkc is this?  Yes to gay muscians, no to white musicians except in certain circumstances?  This is just insane.  
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  • I have to agree with JAG here.  Did you even think before hitting post that your "unsolicited advice" might offend a few people on an international message board?  Way to overgeneralize and stereotype.  

    Newsflash:  some crowds LIKE bubblegum pop.  Some LIKE doing the chicken dance.  Some LIKE (*gasp!*) Sweet Caroline.  Not all Italians like Frank Sinatra.  Not all white straight musicians suck.  Your being engaged to a white musician doesn't make that any less offensive.  

    No list is ever going to work for every situation 100% of the time and that includes music at weddings.  
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  • In Response to <a href="">unsolicited advice</a>:
    [QUOTE]Here is some unsolicited advice from myself, my MOH and my bridesmaids.  We just went to a wedding where a friend had an inexperienced friend DJ (who OBVIOUSLY was really in to new country).  It was a disaster.  I still believe people can DJ their own wedding or have a friend do it but here is the list we made to try and save the dance party.  Every time she adhered to our list, people danced.  Off the list there were 6 songs she played through where no one out of 150 guests danced. *Anything by a gay musician or gay Icon (this gives you queen, madonna, elton, etc etc) *anything you can do the twist to (this gives you some beatles without going Bealtemania as well as some great original rock and roll) *nothing after the 80s that doesnt fall into the other categories in this list (this eliminates dirty bump n grind club songs and anything currently overplayed on the radio) *something for the old ladies (ex. if you are at an Italian wedding and no Sinatra gets played the old ladies have been robbed) *Limit the selections by white musicians to only white musicians who fall in to the other rules on this list. (this rule is designed to get rid of the chicken dance, new country, the bubble gum pop, Sweet Caroline *gag*, and undanceable movie themes).  Im engaged to a white musician and he has approved this rule as being necessary. *if no one dances-fade out and follow that fade out with some Jackson 5. *any funk *any soul The ladies who put together this list with me would love to hear any contradictions that you can think of: either songs that are incredible must plays that dont fit these rules or songs that are undanceable that do. we're using this list for my wedding in May.  Edit away.
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