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Acoustic Processional...Suggestions Needed

Anybody have any excellent suggestions for walkdown and processional songs? My wedding is going to be outside in June, and it will be a big one, but I'd like the feel to be  simple and elegant, and also fairly casual. A "no pressure" kind of thing for my guests (hope that makes sense...).  I have some very talented friends who will be playing and singing "Love is Not A Fight" by Warren Barfield during the ceremony...and I'm super excited about that. In order to not have my processional and walkdown music be shown up by the special, I'm having the same friends play the ceremony music. I include all of that info as a long and drawnout way of saying the ceremony music will be live, not a recording. 

I really need some good ideas for walkdown and processional music. I'd like only one song for my bridesmaids and I (so, no switch to "da da da da adaaaa" when the bride comes in...) so something with a bit of a crescendo and grandeur toward the end would be good. And if it's something that could be covered really well by  an acoustic guitar and piano...that would be perfect. :) I know it's a little specific, but I thought I'd reach out for some suggestions. If you've got any at all, let me know! Thanks!

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