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Let it Be by the Beatles

I have always always loved the Beatles growing up and want to incorporate some of their songs into my wedding. Let it Be is one of my all time favorite Beatles songs...it is just so beautiful. I found a beautiful piano instrumental version on iTunes that I really really like. I wouldn't really consider the song itself to be wedding material but it really is beautiful in this version. Do you think it would be a weird song to use to possibly walk down the aisle? I haven't been to that many weddings personally so I don't know from experience what kind of songs a wedding usually has...Is there any other place I could put this song where it would fit better?

Are there any fellow Beatles lovers out there incorporate Beatles songs into their weddings? Also, if you like the Beatles you should check out this version of the song "Let it Be" under Piano Classic Players on iTunes.
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Re: Let it Be by the Beatles

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    I love that song and I think walking down the aisle to it is a great idea!  My wedding party, FI and I are entering our reception to All You Need is Love.
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    There are no wrong ways to have music at your wedding. It's YOUR day and YOUR choice! Beatles Music sounds great with a string quartet playing. This will add a touch of elegance!

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  • naomikbnaomikb
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    Ditto cfasz, I think an instrumental version would be fine for a processional.

    My dad picked Let It Be as our father/daughter dance since he really likes the song, so that is how it is being incorporated into our wedding.

    If you can't find another place to put it, you could always ask the DJ to play it during the dance portion and announce that it was a request by the B&G, and you and your FI can go dance to it (with other people).

  • BrinleyjaneBrinleyjane
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    Thanks for the replies...

    My dad loves the Beatles too. He used to hold the headphones up to my mom's belly when I was in her tummy and play Abbey Road to me. That must be why I love them so much too. I was thinking about doing "And I Love Her" for my father/daughter dance but some of the lyrics are a little more suggestive: 

    "She gives me everything
    And tenderly
    The kiss my lover brings
    She brings to me
    And I love her" (for example...but I think the rest would be OK) 

    But it's a really pretty song too... so I dunno if that would be the best choice but maybe people wouldn't really pay attention to the lyrics? I just know it would be a really special moment if we danced to a Beatles song because that's something we've always shared a connection to. And I know a lot of people suggest "In My Life" but I don't really see anything special about that song...IDK thats just my opinion.... 
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    We're using Let It Be as our Unity Candle song.


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    I LOVE The Beatles and knew I wanted to include their songs into my wedding ceremony.

    Check out the following songs on iTunes:

    Something by Fred Benedetti & Peter Pupping (acoustic guitar)  I
    This song will be played during the Prelude

    Maybe I'm Amazed by Laurence Juber (acoutic guitar - he does a lot of Beatles songs)
    My grandmother will be walking down the aisle to this song

    Here, There, and Everywhere by Emmylou Harris
    My bridesmaids are walking down the aisle to this

    I Will - Alison Krauss and Tony Furtado  I am walking down the aisle to this.  The first minute and a half is instrumental.

    iTunes will also offer other suggestions when you search for these songs/artists.

    Good luck.
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  • shugameganshugamegan
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    I will probably be dancing to a Beatles song with my dad as well. I was thinking "The Long and Winding Road" or "When I'm 64" ( it's one of his favorites)

    I was also thinking "Imagine" by John Lennon because it's my dad's absolute favorite but, I don't know if I can make it through without crying lol

    I would think of a song that means a lot to you and your dad or something that reminds you of him and dance to that, no matter what the song.
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  • andejeanandejean
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    Our Unity candle song is going to be Mary Chapin Carpenter's version of Lennon's "Grow Old with me".
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