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string quartet

I am looking for string quartet music that our DJ can play during the ceremony and not an actual group to play live. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    vitamin string quartet
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    I am using alot of Vitamin String Quartet music:

    Hey, Soul Sister
    Your Guardian Angel
    In your Eyes
    Chasing Cars
    I'll stand by you
    Can't help falling in Love
    Wonderful tonight (Bridesmaid will walk down to this song)

    They are absolutely wonderful and play almost any band/artist you could think of
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    Ciompi Quartet is a really good quartet that frequents my area sometimes.

    ETA: just saw that you were looking for string quartet MUSIC , not names of groups... but maybe if you look this group up, you could get some ideas of string quartet music that might fit what you're looking for the DJ.  Good luck! 
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    ceyringceyring member
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    If you give us more information about what you want (style, mood, pieces of music with a specific function) we'll be able to help you more.  I'm a cellist, and I always like arrangements of Handel (from the Water Music, Music for the Royal Fireworks, Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, Largo "Ombra mai fu" from Xerxes) for pre-ceremony music. String quartets by Mozart, Haydn, and Boccherini are good easily-digestible standard repertoire.  I think you'll be able to easily find many recordings of standard wedding ceremony repertoire out there.

    Honestly, if you're not going to have the beautiful timbre of live music, I think you might consider a wider range of smaller ensemble type recordings. It's always nice to have music in its original orchestration.
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