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String Duo

We are having (i think) a string duo play our wedding music.
I have already decided I want the wedding party to walk down the aisle to "Love Story" by Taylor Swift and they have prepared it.
I will be walking to canonin D.

I want something fun for the recessional but I am having a hard time. What a wonderful world is nice, but slow, and the song on the duo's list- aren't anything I am really interested in.. I want it to be upbeat- but also able for a violin and chelist to play-- that sounds Right (Ie we really wanted to do some ray lamontagne but that dint really work).

any advice?
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Re: String Duo

  • edited December 2011
    Please don't forget that most pop songs performed instrumentally will not have the same effect as their vocal versions. I remember a particularly memorable wedding experience where the bride wanted me to play (solo violin) a whole bunch of Christina Aguilera songs... This does not work on solo violin. What usually "makes" a pop song is all the OTHER catchy stuff going on: the beats, the bass, the effects. In listening to the radio I am struck by how un-melodic so many songs are these days. 

    You may want to re-consider why it is that you want a string duo (I assume that it is a violinist and cellist). Because you want it to be "classy", or because you like the sound? If it is because you like the sound of those instruments, then choose something with a) a really excellent vocal melody that is interesting and will translate well in a non-vocal setting or b) something that is meant for instruments. 

    You don't have to have "classical" music for it to sound right on instruments. The melody just has to be strong enough that it can stand alone as an instrumental. 
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