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MA (Metro-West area) - Looking for a photographer who provides raw photos

Does anyone know of a reasonably priced photographer who will actually provide the raw photos instead of edited photos? 

My fiance and I already have different oppinions of whether or not we need a professional photographer (I say yes, we do, and he says no, we should just use friends). I just don't want friends who don't understand or know the photography process...

He's more concerned about the cost of a professional (I get this, photographers are CRAZY expensive) - so we are hoping to find a photographer who is willing to provide coverage only and provide the unedited photos at a less expensive cost (we can edit them ourselves later).

Thanks in advance for any help or advice! 

Re: MA (Metro-West area) - Looking for a photographer who provides raw photos

  • You should post this on the local board for more help

    I can recommend some photographers in that area, as I am originally from there, but most photographers do not provide the raw photos. I know of a few budget-friendly photographers especially but I don't know of anyone who will provide the  unedited photos. What have you budgeted for photography? I know of at least one newbie just breaking into the business too- it might be better to hire a student or someone with a little less experience than a well-established pro but it depends on your budget.
    Furthermore, I really recommend hiring a professional as hiring friends is never a good idea (speaking from my own experience and the experience of others). It's not like you can repeat your wedding day, if it is ever important to have someone who knows what they are doing...
  • RAW is a file type, and doesnt just mean "unedited" images. Do you have the proper (and expensive) software needed to process RAW files? If not, then you won't be able to even open them.

    That being said, you likely will not find a self respecting professional photographer that will give out their unedited photos, and most would never give out their RAW files. This is the reputation and livelyhood of the photographer being put at risk by shoddy editing by a 3rd party and the damages that this can do via word of mouth. 
  • Your best bet would be to post this on the Boston local board (over on the left). I definitely recommend hiring a professional photographer! Your friends should be able to enjoy your wedding, not work during it.
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