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Which photo hosting site is best?

In the Vietnamese culture, it's customary to take a portrait picture with their wedding guests.  Many B&Gs then mail it to them as a Thank You card or as a Christmas card insert.  But I have a huuuuge wedding guest list and want them to instead go on a website and then download it themselves.  Which hosting site will allow the guests to download the photos they want at full resolution?
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Re: Which photo hosting site is best?

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    I used Shutterfly for my photosharing with guests.  We created the site and sent it to anyone we had email addresses for, and they could order whatever they wanted.  We also got a CD from our photographer with all printing rights so we told everyone we had the CD if they wanted to make any copies.

    Also, depending on the photographer you go with, many have websites that post all of your pictures for a set time (usually 3 months) and people can order if they choose.  Thats how our Photobooth pictures worked. 
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    Please don't use shutterfly- the quality is terrible. If you're going to have them purchase their own prints, at least use They're a bit more reliable as far as semi-professional quality is concerned. However, why isn't your photographer figuring out this issue for you? Photographers use professional quality print labs, and the quality of prints you will get via them will be much, much better than any of the cheap stuff commercial available to people who don't know any better. Your special day deserves quality prints. 
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    I would probably go with Flickr for that kind of thing - maximal uploads, and you could even just create a single, throwaway account to give to your guests to let them download it. It also has great integration with different print labs, so people can choose where they want to print their own.
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