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Boudoir photos - Props and when to give them?

I'm doing a boudoir photoshoot as my gift to my fiance. It is not a profesional shoot, just my MOH taking a bunch of pictures of me in sexy lingerie. I wouldn't feel comfortable having a stranger take such intimate pictures.
I'll be having the pictures taken in my small apartment, and I need ideas for props. I have a soft furry blanket and rose petals so far, what else should I get?

Also, when should I give him the album? I know alot of brides give it the night before the wedding but I don't want to stir him p too much before the wedding. We are both virgins. I was thinking of giving it to him on the wedding night for him to look at while I shower and change. What you you gals think of that? Is it a good idea?
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Re: Boudoir photos - Props and when to give them?

  • Yes, it is a good idea! I am doing boudoir photos also. I will probably give them to him the night before, although we aren't virgins so I can see where you may want to wait. Whatever you feel comfortable doing. I found ideas for my pictures by looking at websites of other people that had them done. The place where I am getting mine taken has a lot of photos so I got some good examples from there.

    You could check out Victorias Secret, they have some cute bridal lingerie and tank tops. They have a little mini veil and white stockings. I don't know how "sexy" you are wanting them to be but you could wear high heels in some photos too if you wanted. You could even wear one of his shirts and only that. I have also seen some girls wear just a mans tie. I would start by doing a google search of boudoir photos and checking out what other people did. That should start giving you some ideas of your own.
  • I'm doing mine this coming weekend, so I know how you feel! 

    If he has any favorite/significant pieces of clothing, that's always a good start, or a jersey, hat, tie, etc. For purchasable props, what about a scarf or two? Not the furry winter kind, but the more decorative/accessory type. Or a bath robe, a bed sheet, pretty much anything you can drape to cover the parts you want covered. Don't forget the sexy heels and a pair of stockings, too! ;)

  • Thanks for the ideas! I really like the idea of wearing his shirt. He works in construction so I'm going to see if I can borrow his safety vest and one of his hard hats without him knowing. I think that would look cute.
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