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time for pics to develop?

i was wondering what the normal duration is between someone's wedding date and when their photographer has the photos developed and/or ready for viewing. I'm anxious/excited to see my pictures, but it's only been two weeks.

Re: time for pics to develop?

  • woodfrogswoodfrogs member
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    Your contract should give you some idea of that. And sometime it depends on how busy they are, sometimes it's a week, sometimes a month or more.
  • sdump1sdump1 member
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    you should ask your photographer that question :)

    everyone is different.... just make sure you have that in your contract...otherwise you might be waiting for years since technically if it is not in the contract, he can do whatever he wants.
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    Yup, woodfrogs got it.  I think it also depends upon just what is being done.  If you've contracted a photographer that will "retouch" images, then it should be relatively quick (a week to two)...if it's a FULL, custom edit, which most photographers do not include, but mine does, then you're looking more along the lines of a month to two....

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    It's not stated in our contract. Guess I'll have to speak with him about it directly. hopefully theyre ready in timely manner and not "years"  from now :/
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