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A Photographer NOT to hire!!!


My fiance and I were looking to hire a photographer and were in constant contact with a local photographer. It wasn't after his many failed attempts to send us his information and have him call us back that we knew he was going to be sketchy to deal with. After he finally called us THREE times within 4 hours did he plead to meet with us and asked about still being in the running for becoming our photographer. Only THREE days later did he send us an e-mail stating that he no longer going to photograph our area and booked with another wedding. I found this to be extremely rude considering he never told us of another couple looking into his services just three days prior and him pleading to photograph for us. Not even an apology. Not even a phone call. I wrote him a "thank you" for wasting our time and he wrote back saying that it's all okay because we still have time to find someone else. I then commented on his lack of professionalism with the situation and he decided to write me with this...

What is your problem? What situation? You gave me no money-I was under no obligation to you. Your attempt to “lowball” me on the engagement ceremony did not work in your favor either. I state my prices clearly on the web and the fact that desperate photographers are willing to throw that in is not my business.
DO NOT write me again-if your time is Soooooo.valuable then you are wasting more of it.
My suggestion is to find a photographer closer to your wedding site, there are a ton of them out there in your area.
As far as handling situations properly I feel that you are acting pretty immature. I was never rude to you and you had not hired me, so what do I owe you?
Nothing but an email stating my intentions.
Good luck.


I understand he was under no obligation to us, but the fact that he lead us on to think that he wanted to do our wedding and he was willing to negotiate; this e-mail was a slap in the face. To think that you have someone ready to provide you a service and after just three days they back out, is VERY UN-professional. 

Thank You Troy David for making me realize how rude and un-professional some people can be! 

Re: A Photographer NOT to hire!!!

  • Angie.LapkovAngie.Lapkov member
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    It looks like someone booked him with a deposit, if you wanted to get him, why didn't you do so in the first place? Photographers are not obligated to do anything for you without a payment.
    Sorry it happened to you, I'm sure there are many photographers that you will like. :)

  • AshLynnCarAshLynnCar member
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    I do understand that, however the way he responded was completely unprofessional.
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    that is some of the worst wedding photography I have ever seen... so he has no talent and an attitude?

    Good luck to him!
  • AdrianLynnAdrianLynn member
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    That is beyond rude I feel for u I really do. I hired a photographer for my wedding that still has not sent my my pictures yet, and its almost been a year since my wedding. Consider youself lucky u did not hire him, imagin the problems you could have had???
  • sdump1sdump1 member
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    wow.. looks like someone will be out of a business soon.
  • sdump1sdump1 member
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    You know what you should do?

    You should go to all those vendor review sites like weddingchannel, projectwedding, weddingwire and write a bad review and include that email in the review for all the brides to see how excellent this "professional" is.
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