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Digital Negatives?

First of all, hi everyone! I haven't formally introduced myself except on my local board. I'm Lauren, getting married on 10/10/2013 :. I've been lurking for a few months and found the forums very helpful. I am clueless about wedding photography. I've been talking to a photographer I really like, and one of her options is to buy a disk of digital negatives. Has anyone done this? Are they typically good quality? I know they won't be retouched like the ones in the album, which is fine. I just would really like to have all the photos for my own personal collection, on my computer. I guess my hesitation is that it will cost 650 in addition to the package so I want to make sure they are still good photos and worth the price. Even unretouched photos from a professional are better than family/friends photos, right?

Re: Digital Negatives?

  • If digital negatives = the unedited pictures your photographer takes, I'd say it could be worth it. We got the unedited pictures my photog took, and there are a few that I LOVE which he didn't edit, and therefore I would have never seen. And yes, they are good quality. Mostly they're just darker than the edited ones- the colors don't pop. 
  • Ok, that's what I was thinking too! I don't want to miss any that I would think are great. Also, I just like the idea of having all of them because it would just be more of a reminder of how the day went. : I decided to go for it. She said they are high resolution edited photos; I'm assuming not fully retouched like the ones you can order but at least preliminarily edited. Thanks for your input!
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    Getting digital negatives is important if you want to have ALL of your high resolution pictures available to you.
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