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Almost 20 weeks, still no photos! Help!

My photographer seemed amazing, but she has proven to be extremely unprofessional. My package included a second photographer, but on the big day only the main one showed up because her partner was having a baby. Since then nothing has been done to recompensate me, though the contract clearly states that would be the result if such a problem were to occur.
I am also disappointed because photos were only supposed to take 7-12 weeks. It has been 20 weeks! After 15 weeks I contacted her to ask what was up. She said there was more work than she was expecting, told me they'd be done in 10 days, then asked for an address to send them to. I replied, and waited for the new deadline to arrive. After 2 more weeks, I emailed her again, and now she's stopped responding! I feel helpless, and I would be willing to negotiate with her for maybe a few more prints to be included in the package. She seems to be hiding from me, afraid that I'm going to filp out and demand a refund. Any suggestions?

Re: Almost 20 weeks, still no photos! Help!

  • threaten to leave bad reviews on wedding wire, the wedding channel, the knot & every other site you can find,  not to mention the BBB in her area.  So sorry to hear this.
  • I would call her if possible- leave a message if you must. You could basically tell her what you told us here- you would like to be compensated for the broken contract by receiving more prints in your package than you originally agreed to. 

    Even if you're upset with her, the end goal is to receive your pictures, so for now I wouldn't make any threats or demands you don't think she can fulfil. Once you have your pictures, you might want to go back and ask for some money back or maybe a free Trash the Dress session. 
  • Is this a newbie photographer or an established pro?  Wha was the contract value?  Does the photographer have an active facebook page or blog?  Are they still in business?  As much as you don't want to hear it, now is the WRONG time to negotiate extra's.  Focus your energy on getting your images (I am assuming on CD?).  I would visit them in person to see their progress and perhaps get the portion that has been completed already.  Then, set a mutual realistic date for the delivery of the rest, and hold her to it.
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  • WOW!  I am so sorry that my colleagues are so unprofessional!  I clearly state in my contract that images will be delivered within 3 weeks after the event.  Editing images is very time consuming, however never should it take this long!

    I would be very careful in asking for your images on a dvd.  Given the photographer is clearly unprofessional - she may just give you poor resolution or small images that cannot be blown up or printed.  Really your images need to be high resolution 300dpi pixels to be able to print or blow up.  If she is given you 72dpi images they are worthless. 

    Have you reviewed your contract - is there anything you can do legally based on her lack of providing the images?  I would look at possibly a breach of contract given you have been asking for the images.

    Again, I am truly sorry that this has happened - trust me, not all of us are like this!  Some of us are extremely passionate about our work, we love what we do and never watch the clock and bill by the hour or take months to deliver images.  I actually try to get a few of the images to the couple immediately after the wedding - via texting them so that they have a sneak peek to look at on the way to their honeymoon! 

    I wish you all the best of luck - please keep me posted and if I cna help let me know - anthonypira dot com.
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