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Photo sharing website??

I recently went to a wedding and they had little cards on the tables explaining that guests could upload any photos taken with their phones etc to a shared photo website.  Does anyone have experience using one of these?  I saw the ad on the side bar here on TK but don't really want to pay $99 just for a site that guests may or may not use.  Wondering what other options are out there for similar.


Re: Photo sharing website??

  • There are sites like Shutterfly and Snapfish that offer private group sharing for free, but in order to upload photos, the guests would already have to be members of those sites (also free). You could create a share site and then email invitations (via Shutterfly for example) to all your guests to join the share site and if they were not previously members they could create a free account. If I run across another option I will post it.
  • Some people just give guests their login info to their favorite photo service for uploading the wedding photos, but I am a little leery of this, because your account probably has credit card info from prior purchases (unless you open a new account -- which would be a good idea). After the wedding you will probably need to send reminders to your guests about uploading pictures because some will be good about it but the majority will probably forget.
  • We used WeddingTurtle because we didn't want people to have to make an account anywhere and some other places only allow so many users before they charge. WeddingTurtle was free and people didn't need an account. It worked well for us. Plus you can password protect it if you want to.


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