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Where to find inexpensive wedding dress in DFW?

Hi ladies! 

I'm going wedding dress shopping the first weekend of April, and I have no idea where to go. 

Originally I fell in love with Lazaro and Jim Hjelm dresses, but now my budget is a little more limited. I was thinking of trying Davids Bridal..any others in the area that might be good? 

Thanks in advance for your help. 

Re: Where to find inexpensive wedding dress in DFW?

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    Not sure what your budget is but you should try

    Circle Park Bridal.  It's in Addison and no dress is over $800 I believe.  They have current and last season dresses.  I found a Watters dress there for $599 that is still being sold for regular price elsewhere.

    I'm going to get my dress this weekend at Bridal Couture in Addison.  They are having a Maggie Sottero trunk show.  They  have a bunch of designers and good prices.

    LAstly is Terry Costa, but I don't care for it since you don't get much attention.
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    I got my dress at Alfred Angelo, they have a wide range of prices, from what I could tell.

    I really wanted to shop at Circle Park Bridal, but they don't carry plus sizes. I think my dress ended up not being a plus size anyways, but I was worried about that.
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    Terry Costa has a lot of off the rack bridal dresses. Also Denton Bridal Co.
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    Thanks so much! Do any of you know anything about a place called Lulu's Bridal Boutique?
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    Terry Costa... Also check craigslist. Once you find the dress you like shop around. There is a place Pearls Place.com call and check with them on their prices.
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    Anonomously Yours is a consignment store in Richardson which also carries loads of sample size dresses which were never worn. They only carry high end designers and dresses that were on the rack within the past 2 years.

    If you are a size 4-8 US (Approximately a 8-10 in wedding dresses), then you will have the best selection. I bought an amzing sample dress which retailed at $5000 for $800 or so.
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    Ditto Anonymously Yours.  t's super shady looking but don't let that deter you.   It is definitely worth a trip.
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    I bought my dress at Anonymously Yours.  I paid about $600 for it and it was originally $3,500.  I know $600 isn't cheap but like the previous post mentioned, alot of the dresses have never been worn, like mine since it was a sample, and are designer dresses that are not more than 2 years old.  The owner was really helpful and nice when I went.  I would recommend going during the week or lunch, etc when there is no one there.  The weekends can be nuts.   
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    ditto Anonymously Yours i got my maggie for 200 and the dress orginally 1500
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    I have been to Lulu's and I really liked it, they carry the dress that I am going to buy but so does Mockingbird Bridal and I have to determine which way I am going to go because I think it was cheaper at MB but Lulu's I think gives you a veil credit. I need to investigate further...
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    Ditto Circle Park Bridal.  That's where I got my dress. 

    I was looking at LuLu's.  They are very nice.  However, the day I was buying I narrowed it down to a dress at LuLu's and a dress at Circle Park Bridal (which was WAY less expensive).  I was trying on the dress at LuLu's and said I needed to go have lunch - give myself a chance to really think it over.  Well, my consultant did help me out of the dress, but then she just left - didn't say a word.  When I left the room she was out helping another bride and didn't say anything to me.  I thought that was a bit rude.
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    I bought my dress at Lulu's and had a great experience!  Serlace... I'm sorry your consultant did that :(  Very Unprofessional.  I left without buying the 1st time and received great service from beginning to end.  Maybe it was a fluke?  We also ended up getting my BM dresses there.  Their price range for gowns is less than $2000, but everything I tried on was under $1000.  I loved the whole experience.

    I also went to Terry Costa.  It was harder to get personalized service, but everyone was very nice and helpful.  They have a wider selection of dresses and, on average, it was less expensive than the other places I went. 

    Alfred Angelo has nice dresses in all price ranges, so I suggest giving them a try, too.  GL!
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    So Circle Park Bridal is an off the rack store or can you order your dress?
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    Circle Park is all off the rack.

    Lulu's was great, they are the more affordable leg of Stardust Celebrations.  They were very nice when I was there, but Bridal Couture in Addison just had more selection.

    I checked out Anon Yours and I wasn't really happy with the selection.  They have a lot of traditional dresses and I'm just wanting something less so.  I also get flustered in crowded aisles and cramped racks.  I don't have the patience to go through.
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    I went to Alfred Angelo prepared to spend about 1200 but found out the dress I wanted was the only one left (sample)  Got it for 300!  I thought that was amazing and it is in great shape!  I see nothing wrong with the beading and such.  

    I heard Denton Bridal co also has good deals? I only looked online.   I just have never been there.
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    Thank you SO MUCH ladies! Seriously, so helpful. I think this is a great start to making a plan of attack. It's a little overwhelming of a process. I've never been one of those girls that's been dreaming of her wedding dress her whole life, so now to find myself in the bridal shoes is kind of crazy/exciting. My parents are flying in from Pennsylvania over Easter weekend so my mom and I can go dress shopping together. I have off that Friday so we'll probably have that day and Saturday to go shopping, but after that, that's pretty much it. I am not normally a snob at all, but when it comes to wedding dresses I feel like I despise 90% of the pictures i've seen online. So I'm also worried about finding something I like. (I know it's just a picture online and it will look different on me, but still.) Plus add in the fact that I am a curvy lady and trying to find a sample dress to fit my chest and hips might be something of a miracle haha. (C'mon 30 Day Shred!) *sigh* Ok, well thank you for letting me have this little vent that was originally supposed to be a thank you, so let me close and say THANK YOU  again for your suggestions/help. :)
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    If you are not afraid of ordering online, once you find your dress, call Pearls Place and RK Bridal. I am ordering a Pronovias dress for $400 cheaper than the lowest price I found in DFW.

    If you want a Maggie, Lang's in Arlington has a huge selection and their prices were good.
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    Terry Costa.  I went in while a whole high school was purchasing their prom dresses and still was taken care of.  They even put a rush on my dress.  Went to David's Bridal and not one person would help me.  I even tried calling several times in advance to schedule an appointment, but no one would call me back.  If you want a cheap dress that doesn't look cheap than go to Terry Costa.
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    and remember that alterations by Becky Fowler can perform  miracles.  I purchased a sample dress that was 2 sizes too big (paid $700 for a $4400 dress), and Becky worked a miracle.
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