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I am assuming the standard is to have your wedding video put on dvd?  (Just starting to research for the video).

Is anyone else worried that a dvd will look blurry on a high def tv? I know dvd is probably the only practical option, but it just makes me nervous since most cameras tape in hd now.  (Maybe I'm just being crazy. )

I know when my brother makes videos he always keeps the raw footage on a external hard drive etc., because putting it on dvd degrades the quality.

I know I should just be glad that its not vhs anymore . . .

Re: DVD Video

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    If you want the true high def video for your TV then you would have to go with Blu Ray.  The quality of a video on a DVD can be HD, but it is not as simple to make as a Blu Ray disc would be.  Depending on the length of the video an HD DVD may just not be an option.  DVD's will definitely be going away soon and will be replaced by Blu Ray.
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    I am thinking of getting a dvd but then asking them to put the raw footage on a external drive I provide them.  (And going with someone willing to do that).  Burning blue rays from a home computer is a few years away, but when it isn't I would then have the option.
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    I'm a videographer myself, and yes, everything that's put to a DVD is pretty much down converted to an SD file.  It still looks pretty good though because most players upconvert DVD's.  Unless the codec your videographer converts it to isn't a very good codec.  I'd suggest also asking for the RAW footage.  And if they make an edit, then have them put the Quicktime as a Data file on a seperate DVD.  That way you can have it on your computer, or media station, or whatever.  You could even buy an external Blu-Ray burner for around $200-$350 if you want to go that route.  But honestly, the quality is also very dependent on the type of camera's they shoot with.  And light.  Low light in a reception area is going to be a big problem for most companies.  Unless they use camera lights. Which are annoying. 

    okay.  I hope I've been helpful.
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