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"featured photographer on the knot"

Does anyone know How and why a photographer becomes one of the "featured" photographer on the knot? I'm trying to decide on a photographer and wanted to know if it was due to rankings or reviews or other criteria? Thanks!

Re: "featured photographer on the knot"

  • Angie.LapkovAngie.Lapkov member
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    They are "featured" because they pay for the spot. I don't believe there are criterias or ranking or any of that stuff.
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    Which featured section? Do you mean the Best of Weddings?
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    I have no idea how these companies get rated we used Diamond Productions located in Clark, NJ  which was featured on the Knot. I saw a fancy plaque in their office that had the Knot on it. We now had to hire a lawyer to get our video and wedding album! We got married 17 months ago and it's a huge mess! Check as many references and posts as you can. Get EVERYTHING in writing before the wedding day! Good luck!!

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    I would definitely meet with the photographers whose work you love and whose personality you like.  Then meet with them and find out if you click! Someone said to me that you the person who will be with you most on your wedding day other their your groom is your photographer - so LOVE them & their work!

    Check out

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    It's the $200 a month cost for the better ad space. I'm a vendor.
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    Being featured doesn't guarantee some good work. You'd need to use other ways to find out about the quality of the work. I used samples, previous weddings' full albums from the photographer and checked out some wedding websites to see if I wasnt seeing anything bad about the company.
    At the end I was more than satisfied with the work(and the price too). Just in case you wonder, I used Dreams Sudio Photography.

  • dcnzweddingdcnzwedding member
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    Angie is right!...they more they pay , the more they get

    I have visit a "big name" photographer thinking he is the one who will be taking my photos on my wedding NOooooooo

    they told me that i will meet my photographer on my engagement session ( ohhh!)
    besides they told me that he is the owner and they have like 10 photographers and they do like 3 weddings every weekend so they are "great"...hummm 

    I dont even know any of these 10 photographer and i am going to pay them $6000 for my wedding photos?....oh noo noo noo

  • irisleafirisleaf member
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    All the featured photographers are listed by how much they pay each year to be listed here on The Knot. 

    Many of these companies have been around for a while and do lots of weddings every year, and they do tend to charge alot for there photography.

    I would go by who is featured here but by reviews from previous clients, the amount you are willing to pay, and ALWAYS MEET THEM FIRST.  If you don't mesh well then you won't mesh well on your day.

    Pick a photographer you love, (their work, personality, price, and customer service)

    That is how I am picking my photographer, (and BTW my day job is photography too, so I am very critical of workmanship and customer service)
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    Just trust your gut... there are plenty of websites giving away 'virtual awards' for photographers, and like others have said, most of them are paid for. Choose someone because you absolutely love their work.
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