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Where can I find Disposable Cameras in bulk?

We are having disposable cameras out at our wedding....anyone know where I can find some for a good cheap price? I'm loooking for about 150 of them...I looked online and it looks like it's going to be exspensive....anyone have any ideas or know where to get some at a good cheap price?


Re: Where can I find Disposable Cameras in bulk?

  • No clue where, But I would suggest you dont do this. A friend of mine did this at her wedding and the pictures turned out horrible!  Your pictures are the only thing you will have to remember your day, spend some money and get them professionally taken
  • Save your money and do not do this. The pictures do not turn out well and you will spend a lot of money developing all of the pictures! You are way better off asking people to upload the digital pictures that they take with their own cameras.
  • Well this is some good news to hear! Well bad in the fact that our idea probly won't work with the disposable cameras...I'm so glad to find this out now instead of later! :) so other than the ones listed...any other good ideas? We don't have the money to pay for a photographer...sigh

    Thx for all the advice!
  • I agree with what has been said by other people. Disposable cameras do not sound like a good idea. Do you have any schools in the area with photography programs? They may have students nearing the end of their program that could do your wedding cheaper than a photographer that is already established in the profession. Although if going this route still a good idea to get a portfolio/examples of what the student has done and is capable of doing.
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  • I agree. Look on craigslist for a student or someone willing to do it very cheap or for free. Just remember your wedding photos last forever, not something you want to cheap out on
  • Agree with PPs -- don't do this.  Our friends did this.  They got various boob shots and even one vag shot when they developed the film.  It's a waste of money.

    People will bring their own cameras and take pics on their phones.  You could provide photo-sharing cards to everyone which tells them to upload any wedding photos to a page you can make on Snapfish, Shutterfly, etc.
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  • I think that's what I'm going to do...Anyone know where to set up an online album where everyone can load pictures...not just me? Thanks everyone! Yall are life savers! :)

  • Why bother with disposable cameras when the vast majority of your guests probably owns digital cameras, which take far superior pictures even just in point-and-shoot mode?
  • I am pretty sure Snapfish lets you set up photo-sharing websites.  
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  • Well at my wedding we have a photographer but we are also doing fun things with cameras to keep our guests entertained the whole reception. You coud always put cards that say what the guest should take pictures of and every guest will have it at their table. That way too you get a differen view of each thing becuase everyone is gonna take it differently!!
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    We're having a destination wedding and hiring a professional photographer, but I'm also creating bags for all of the guests because of the long distance they all are going to travel. I'm giving them really nice beach totes with bottles of water monogramed with our wedding info, bottle cozys, deck of cards, sunscreen, off, personalized gum, personalized chapstick, beachtowels, snorkels and masks, and underwater disposable cameras. I got a really good deal on all of this stuff at the cameras are coming from you can get fuji cameras for $1.99 and kodak waterproof disposables for $5.95. 
  • I understand what everyone is saying. We are planning to have a photographer and we want the cameras at the tables as well. One thing that's not mentioned is that while the photographer is busy photographing a posed picture, one of your guest could be snapping a picture of a kid doing a funny dance or another memorable moment. The majoity of the pictures may be bad but I believe all you need is one priceless piture to make the expense worthwhile.
  • edited February 2013 they have very low prices on their wedding cameras, and some obsolutely beautiful designs.  Use this coupon for 5% discount JR55.
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