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First Look Moment

I know my wedding isn't until June 2012, but I was wondering what you girls thought about first look moments. Are you girls thinking about waiting until the actual ceremony or doing it before? What lead you girls to the decision? (Or if you are married... what did you choose and why? Do you regret it?)

The reason why I ask is because my venue is very modern and there is not much photo ops, my fiance and I are getting ready at a nearby hotel and we can take pics there before.. but my fiance wants to see me at the ceremony and not any time before. I don't mind it.. but just wanted to know everyones opinion.

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    We decided a month before the wedding to do a first look and we don't regret it one bit.  The main factor in our decision was the timing--we wanted to be able to take the majority of the pictures beforehand and not keep the guests waiting.

    The other factor for me was that it was very important to see my husband's reaction when he saw me.  Often the grooms show alot more emotion when it's just the two of you than when they are standing in front of 100 people.

    The stress of the day just melted away when we saw one another.  And yet the ceremony was still very special and my heart was pounding as I walked out.

    The moment is special no matter when you do it.  But for us, we are so glad we did the first look.  Here are some of our pics:

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    omg Stephie I love your first look pictures...

    I had never heard of this before TK, but I am wondering if we should do this... I know they say that even though you do it, there is still that moment of surprise when you FI sees you down the aisle... Now I have some thinking to do :)
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    NOt a girl here but a Wedding photographer from Myrtle Beach SC -  Pasha Belman Photography

    1st look is a great idea :) it will allow you both to relax and enjoy a moment before the wedding.. it will almost make it more at peace :) 
    Also from a photographer point.. you would get so many great photos together with you and your fiance before the wedding... I love when my clients do that.. Also you can complite all of your family photos before the ceremony which will allow you to have more fun after your ceremony :) and no need to run around for 30-50 min taking photos :) enjoy and relax....

    Congratulations :)


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    We are going to do our first pics before the ceremony, at our venue they will have employees ask the guests that show up early to hang out front for a little bit while were in the back doing those, that way its more intimiate and between us. Makes it a special moment, and also that takes time and work off of doing all of our photos aftter the ceremony.
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    My FI and I had this discussion because our photographer mentioned it. We decided not to go with one b/c he didn't like the idea and I wanted the first time he sees me to be at the end of the aisle, not just dressed up in a nice white dress, but coming towards him as his bride, you know?

    Anyways, it depends on you and your FI. Is he the kind of guy that would hold back his reaction at the altar? Would you feel awkward having that moment in front of all of your guests? What do you want out of those first few moments? One thing that can be said for the FL is that you get the chance to talk; he can tell you you look amazing etc with more than just his face. =P But at the same time, if he doesn't hold back, seeing his reaction to you walking down that aisle to be his wife might be worth waiting to really speak until after the ceremony, I don't think the glow will fade. ;p
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    We're doing a first look for a couple reasons....we want our first look  to be more intimate without everyone stairing at us lol AND we're getting married in Jan. and our ceremony isn't until 4pm...we are getting married on a beautiful ranch and in order to get the background in the picture without it being way too dark is to do them before the ceremony...the sun will be pretty much be setting by the time the ceremony is over.  I think you should go for it if you really want that personal intimate moment or if you're having a late wedding and want the background in your photographs.

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    Coming from a professional photographer myself and from someone who didn't have a chance for a first look, I'd say, DEFINATELY DO IT!  :)  Gives you both a chance to calm down for a minute that it's just us two... just me and you here today promising our lives to one another.  Very calming moment for many brides and grooms.

    Never heard of anyone regretting it.... and ALWAYS makes for some amazing shots.

    ;o)  Hope this helps some...

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    My FI and I are doing first look photos. Its something I want to do because I lost my dad this past june and am not sure how I am going to react when walking down the aisle. I am worried I may be extremely emotional and not remember his reaction to seeing me for the first time. Also my dress has been hanging in our closet since may and I really want to show him but he says no not til our wedding day. I think first look photos are a great way to relieve preceremony stress.
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