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Bad photography in Denton TX

I do not recommend Karen Scruggs photography. She did a bad job at my wedding. Many pictues were not taken that should have, elbows,feet, etc...cropped in most pictures.  Do not want any bride to have to go through the disappointment and frustration. You spend so much money and time planning. to not have any decent pictures and important moments missed completely is upsetting to say the least. No apology was made just excuses.

Re: Bad photography in Denton TX

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    I am so sorry that happened to you! It seriously breaks my heart. I checked out her website and her packages are pretty pricey for you to not love them. :(

    Have you perhaps thought of doing a bride and groom session? You guys can get dressed up and have a photoshoot in your dress and his suit... just to have some beautiful shots... just a thought. :)
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    p.s. I live in Denton too! and I do photography. :) so it especially breaks my heart!!!

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