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I am wondering if anyone has used a separate company to do their wedding album. I am looking for a high-end, expensive-looking album. I just don't want to pay $3,000 for it.

Any help would be great! :)

Re: Wedding Album Separately

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    Here are a couple of links to bios of Knotties that made their own professional-looking albums:
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    WOW! $3,000 for a photo album? My photog only charges $150. Is that what your photog is charging?
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    The first link the PP listed is mine.  I was very happy with how mine came out and it was around $400.
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    Some other companies to consider:  (clicky names)

    Picaboo - lay-flat archival paper albums start at $200, flush mount albums start at $400.

    Adoramapix - photographic paper with no gutter, flush mount style binding. Their 8x10 books range from $30 - $140.

    With both of these companies you can very easily make two page spreads from one image, which looks amazing.

    I've made several books before with Picaboo, and I've just ordered a honeymoon photobook from Adoramapix. We'll see which company wins the wedding book :)

    So yes - you can DEFINITELY make your own high quality photobook without spending anywhere near a grand! And I find it really enjoyable to spend the time designing the book :)
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    Honestly, I've made some albums myself and I've also seen what's available to photographer but not regular consumers.  There is no comparison.  I would never want my wedding album to be a cheap Picaboo album.

    And the albums that photographers make aren't cheapies.  I'm getting my album at cost because my photog is also my MOH and best friend.  Her base prices are $600 for the album I want.  That's what SHE PAYS.  I'm giving her only $1,000 for it (including a design fee).  She sells this album for $3,000... which seems expensive but when you consider that this is her business and her livelihood and how much she's paying for the album... it makes sense!   Keep in mind in addition to getting the album you are paying for- their time and effort, the design, the images used in the album, and retail pricing.  But for a hand made raw silk eco-friendly album... it's worth every penny!  This album is GORGEOUS and I can't wait to flaunt it.


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