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First Look Ideas...

My FI and I are doing a first look during the day and I'm REALLY excited about it, but I can't decide how I want to do the actual 'first look.'

I've seen lots of ideas including:

- groom going up an escalator with bride waiting at the top
- groom riding an elevator to a certain floor, bride waiting when the doors open
- bride and groom on two different sides of a building or wall, walking towards the corner (when they round the corner or edge of the wall they'll see eachother)
- the most common one of the bride walking up behind the groom
- bride untying a blindfolded groom

but none of these really strike my fancy.

Does anyone else have any other ideas they've seen/heard of/done for a first look?

Re: First Look Ideas...

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    I would take a look at Jasmine Star's blog- she does first looks for almost all of her weddings and she's posted some fantastic poses! 
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    I saw a really cute idea the other day... A Bride and Groom met in a park but started on opposite ends (it was just a short walk) and walked towards each other and met in the middle. I thought it was a different take on it. 

    Jasmine does do a lot of First Looks however, most are the bride walking up behind the groom... from their i would trust your photog to capture the moment. 
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    We did our first look in our ceremony space.  PIB under Reveal.

    Since we were both hesitant about doing a first look, our original idea was to have him standing at the front of the aisle and I would walk up the aisle to him through the doors just as if it was the actual ceremony.  (I had even thought of playing Canon in D as I walked to him.)

    For some reason, my photographers didn't stage it this way.  When I got there though, I had completely forgotten our original idea!  It worked out fine just like it was and was a wonderful moment.

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    We did a first look... we did it at our venue... I don't think it's nec. the space that matters but more the reaction/how special it is! 

    We did it where he was standing facing the opposite way and I walked up behind him and then he turned around... 

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