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I just received a phone call from my "pros" advisor and she talked to me for 45 minutes and seemed so helpful and honest and the services they offer come at such great prices! However, I just tried to find reviews on their services (photography, video, and dj) and none of them seemed to be any good at all! I was wondering if anyone has any experience good or bad with them?

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    I have heard nothing but bad things across several forums. They are and "umbrella" company that hires random freelancers to cover your wedding. You usually don't get to pick your exact photo/video/DJ person, they assign you one. And then you don't get to meet them until the day of. I would avoid any company with this business structure. 
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    just a few words...stay away from them. i did planning for a long long time and several of my brides opted for working with the "pros" and they were nothing close to it. none of these couples were happy with their photos AT ALL!!! one of my couples even got a student who had NEVER shot a wedding before. the only thing they analyze is getting a paycheck. i can suggest a few photogs for you if you are in the market.
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    I don't know much about the pros, but if you scroll down this forum a little further, you'll find a thread that should be enough to scare you far, far away:

    Unfortunately who you speak with, and the person whose work you see in the portfolio, is not who ends up working your event.  Why would you take the risk?
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    This was what I was afraid of. Thanks so much for not letting me make such a HUGE mistake! I am just starting to search for vendors now that I have figured out my reception venue so any tips/info would be greatly appreciated!

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    pleaseeee do NOT go to them!!! i know the price is right but all i have to say get what you pay for.
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    Suggestion: if you are looking for an outstanding husband and wife team...take a look at they are from NY but who cares. I am getting married in Maine and hired them for the weekend. They worked out a great deal for me that included travel. 
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    Hello, that is not how it workx, they are all independent contractors and they hire solely on experinece. so if you don't have any they won't hire you. i am sorry you had a very bad expeirence but it was just a fluke. we are not all bad actually we are pretty awesome and Brilliant when it comes to the field that we specialize in! you just have to get with the right photographer or vendors that you requested in your area and city. we are not allowed to meet with you first due to volume of weddings that we hold. that is why it is so important to ask alot of questions!!! you should check out their profile first and ask questions and i mean alot of them and communicate very well with your vendors before hand!! that is the most important thing! unfortunately the sales avisor screwed up! one bad apple doesn't make the whole company bad. so sorry about your experience again! please call the coporate office and tell them your experience and they will fix it immediately!!! ask for a supervisor if you have paid a deposit.Smile Have a good day.
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