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One or Two Videographers?

My fiance and I are debating about whether or not we want to hire a second videographer as part of the package we're planning on getting. We're trying to determine if it's worth the cost to hire the second one or if just one camera can get the shots we want.

Can you still get good coverage of the wedding with just one videographer, or is it worth the cost to have two?


Re: One or Two Videographers?

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    I have a friend who's a videographer and she must prefers 2 cameras, you get two different perspectives that day, and she can cut back and forth between the 2 cameras making it much more interesting from a visual point of view.
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    Ditto PP. Our video package came with one videographer and an assistant. They captured the whole day using two cameras.  I personally noticed the different perspective shots during the ceremony more than any other part of the video. Would it be possible to request the second person for the ceremony only? Just a thought?
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    I have to agree with the ladies above. We also had two cameras/videographers at our wedding and it was most apparent to me when I realized I could see both my reaction and his reaction during our vows.
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    We are having 2 at the ceremony so that there can be someone watching each of us as I walk down the aisle and get close ups as well as wide shots...then just 1 for the will be crazy enough at the reception. :)
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    Thanks! We decided to go with 2 in the end. We'll see how well it turns out :)
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