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1 or 2 photographers??

Obviously I would love two photographers but I don't know if I can fit it into my budget. I feel like I can go with someone with amazing photos and a ton of experience but with them can only afford one. I have found a couple places where I can afford the two and I still actually like there photos and they have really good reviews. How important do you think two photographers are. We are getting married in a hotel so we will both be in the same location all day. Getting ready, ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Because of that I'm thinking I might not need the 2nd photographer. There would be plenty of time to get my getting ready shots and go get some of the groom and groomsmen since there is no travel time. My main concern is the ceremony. I want his reaction and I want great shots of of both of our faces while saying our vowels. Do you think one photographer can achieve this really well??

Re: 1 or 2 photographers??

  • It really depends on the experience the photographer has with the timing of the day. The 2 photographer dynamic ALWAYS works better since you have 2 points of view throughout the entire day. However, with enough experience, one can pull it off.
  • I'm looking to build my portfolio, so if you are looking or an engagement photographer, I would love to do a photoshoot. Right now I'm currently offering free photo sessions in areas in DE/MD/PA, and then if you would like to buy the images, you can buy a DVD no less than 25-30 for $50. If you are interested, you can email me at [email protected] for details - I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have!

    For our wedding, my fiance an I are having only 1 photographer, but we are having a very small wedding with only about 40 people.

    If you want different angles, that's what the second photographer is for. If you can afford it, it would be nice to have. If you can't, you can always hire the original photographer, and then ask someone trying to build their portfolio to be the second shooter. Often it will be free or a very low price (just make sure they know they are not the primary photographer, so they stay out of the way during posed shots - you don't want people looking in 2 different directions!)
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    We're just doing one photographer.  We've seen his portfolio and have no doubt that he'll capture great shots.  I think you need to look at the photograper's portolio to determine if he or she can take great shots of what you're looking for.
  • We had one plus an assistant.  The assistant was capable of occasionally wielding a camera in the moments where more than one angle would be appreciated, and cost a lot less than a full second shooter.  See if that's an option with your photographer.
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  • In a time when so many couples look to cut their wedding expenses by having a friend, rather than a professional, photograph their wedding let me commend you on your decision to go with a professional.

    As a former bride, let me say that when everyone tells you the BIG day comes and goes so quickly they are absolutely correct. The day is filled with tons of excitement and so many emotions, and while you are having the time of your life you can't believe that the DJ just announced that he is playing the last song of the evening.

    Luckily for you, you will have amazing memories of your wedding day forever because you valued having a professional shoot the images. So now the question of 1 or 2?

    Most photographers shoot with a second shooter or an assistant. There are several reasons for this but mainly because it allows the main photographer to focus on the couple and get the important "must-have" shots while the second shooter focuses on either reactions from friends and family (i.e. a bride's father watching tearfully as his daughter has her first dance with her husband). When the main photographer has the support of an assistant, especially at a large wedding, they are able, in my opinion, to provide you with more images of your friends, family, and most importantly the moments that you as a busy bride may not of even seen.

    Additionally, the second shooter may also be another professional who shoots with a different style than the main shooter. In the end you end up getting professional images from the photographer you hired and the one assisting.

    So you say you have a budget issue...
    If you have your heart set on an amazing photographer but your budget only allows for one shooter perhaps you could ask if he/she ever takes on interns. These would be photographers that are looking to build their profile and will often assist for free. In return, the intern/assistant would be able to 1)gain experience and 2)build their own portfolio.

    Also, some photographers might be willing to negotiate. Get pricing from other photographers you are interested in. If they are offering 2 shooters for what one shooter would cost you may be able to get the photographer of your dreams to throw in a second shooter. I have had several friends recently book very high end photographers for a fraction of the cost because they were able to negotiate. **While this works with most, some photographers may be so in demand that they do not need to negotiate. If this is the case, but you love their style, see if they could recommend someone that assists them or another professional photographer whose work they admire that fits in better with your budget.

     Because you are investing in your photography, regardless of whether you have one or two photographers on the day of you are going to have beautiful and lasting memories of one of the happiest days of your life.

    Best Wishes,
    Brooke Merrill Photography

     t is great that you value In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/special-topic-wedding-boards_photos-video_1-or-2-photographers?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Special%20Topic%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:30Discussion:ff6e417b-7513-41a7-800b-e5ced69d2818Post:687923ca-64c7-464e-9a89-bc89199cffd7">Re: 1 or 2 photographers??</a>:
    [QUOTE]We had one plus an assistant.  The assistant was capable of occasionally wielding a camera in the moments where more than one angle would be appreciated, and cost a lot less than a full second shooter.  See if that's an option with your photographer.
    Posted by StephBeanWed61502[/QUOTE]
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    I was also married in a hotel and 2 photographers was a must for me. One of my most cherished photos was taken by the second shooter.  She was waiting with me before the ceremony while my photographer was already positioned to get me coming down the aisle.  It doesn't have anything to do with how capable they are, one photographer cannot be in two places at once. 

  • Here's an idea! Instead of dishing out lots of money for a second professional photographer, why don't you try one of the photo sharing apps out there? I'm actually not usuing a professional photographer at all. I'm using Capsule, which is a private photo sharing app...you buy a package, set up your page, have all your guests download the mobile app, and THEY snap photos and upload them directly to your page!  The page lasts forever, and you can order prints from it too......it would be cool to have a professional photographer for your classic wedding photos, but then this would be a great way to get your guests' perspective and some candid shots!

    Their website is www.trycapsule.com

  • You could always hire a photography student or amateur to do the second shooting.   We did that, and the second shooter got some AWESOME shots, and I only paid $150.00 for 4 hours of photography.
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