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Bachelorette Party Ideas for non-bar type of party

Bride does not drink and hates going to bars. We're thinking of doing a Spa Day with the guests, everyone paying for their own and the bridal party splitting up the cost of the Bride's services. Then we'll go out for dinner- but my question is what else would you do for the party? Seems kinda boring and not super special for the Bride. We also thought we'd do an overnight thing for those that want to stay the night with the bride---- I think it's going to be a small gathering in general with just bridesmaids and maybe a couple cousins.

Any ideas or thoughts would be great!  Thanks in advance.
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Re: Bachelorette Party Ideas for non-bar type of party

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    WGachesWGaches member
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    Not sure if you have this in New York, but down here there a boutiques called Sips N Strokes (I've seen similar studios with different names). Each person pays about $30 and brings their favorite drink (doesn't have to be alcoholic) and you paint a picture. The instructor helps you go along step-by-step, and it's a very good time. You keep the painting at the end of the night. Also, in my town there is a bead studio that you can rent out for parties. For a group fee, they show you how to make your own jewelry, and you can make anything from belt buckles to earrings.... maybe something like that....
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    AdeleDazeemAdeleDazeem member
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    The spa and dinner was exactly what we did for my sister's bachelorette party.  It was wonderful!  Mostly, it was about all the bridesmaids getting together, hanging out, and enjoying each other's company.  If the bride is happy with what you have planned, then I wouldn't worry too much.
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    trix1223trix1223 member
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    Amusement park
    theatrical performance
    sports event
    Dave & Busters
    Medieval Times
    Spa Day
    Slumber Party, complete with chick flicks, snacks, and facials

    My DIL had a "make your own handbag" BP.  A shop that makes designer handbags opens their shop on Saturdays for private parties.  Girls pick out their fabric and style and then, with help from employees do everything from cutting to sewing.  Staff does the fine finishing work.  They also had snacks and beverages.  Then the girls all went to lunch.  They had a great time and all have a beautiful and distinctive handbag too.
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    We're planning on going to an amusement park and dinner or pole dancing lessons and dinner!  I think the pole dancing lesson is great because not only does it make everyone laugh, but I hear it's a great workout too!
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    felkelsfelkels member
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    I LOVE the spa idea...
    we could not afford it for the party I planned, but we got a nice pedicure kit from Target and gave eachother pedis while watching chick flicks.  Here sis and I sang a song togheter, and we had fondue...we had a cheese first for dinner and then a chocolate with fruit for dessert.  super simple...I can't wait to see what she is planning for my party, but I imagine something similar is in order...only now maybe with some wii bowling in the mix...

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    I just went to a bachelorette sleepover and they had a passion party.  Its a lot of fun!

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