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rehearsal dinner trouble

The other day my FI asked if we are having a rehearsal dinner and I responded that traditionally his parents would host it, then added that I'm not sure if him and I could afford it plus everything else. His parents are divorced and hate each other and neither one of them has said a peep about hosting a rehearsal dinner. I'm not sure what to do.

Re: rehearsal dinner trouble

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    Traditionally yes, the groom's parents would host the RD, but in this day and age, those traditions have gone out the window. The RD can be hosted by whoever wants to or can afford to host.

    Keep in mind also that the RD doesn't have to be a formal affair at a restaurant. Lots of people go to pizza places or host something at their house or in a community center or park with hamburgers and hotdogs. We actually had our RD at a laid back BBQ joint in town and it was a blast. The RD definitely does not need to break the bank to be a good time.

    Don't ask anyone to host your RD either. If no one steps up, just plan whatever you and your FI can afford.
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    We and my mom (my parent's are divorced too) are paying for the wedding. I under that we shouldn't make anyone do it, thats just rude. Any ideas on a cheap dinner during the winter? It would be too cold for a cook out sadly and our apartment is much to small to host something here. Help?
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