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Who is hosting/hosted your Bridal Shower?

Just curious, since these days anyone other than the bride can host. Most of the showers I've been to have been hosted by the mother or the FMIL of the bride, where that used to be an etiquette no-no, but isn't anymore.

Re: Who is hosting/hosted your Bridal Shower?

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    My aunt hosted one with friends and my family, and FMIL and future aunt hosted one with FI's family.  Both were nice!
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    Mom!  Every shower I've been to has been hosted by a mother.  Apparently, my circle doesn't care much for that little piece of etiquette.
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    for all 4 of the weddings i've been in the BM's as a group hosted the shower.  Mom's had a big part in the planning and some offered to pitch in financially, but i've always hosted with the BMs and just divied up the costs equally. 
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    My mom threw my shower with a lot of help from my MOH and some of my BM's. Basically she researched venues, paid for the place, ordered and designed the cake with the baker, and organized a lot of the details with my MOH and BM's. But she listed my bridal party as the hosts on the invitations.
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    My mom and FMIL are hosting a shower and one of my BM and her mother are hosting another. The first will be mostly family, the second will be mostly friends.

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    I'm having three:
    a couples shower hosted by FIL's friends for their friends
    a shower hosted by FMIL's friend for FI's relatives
    a shower hosted by by 2 of my older cousins and their daughters who are BMs for my relatives
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