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Stag and Doe/Jack and Jill Game Ideas? Halloween themed!

So I've booked the location for my stag and doe (or jack and jill or buck and doe, whatever everyone calls it elsewhere) and its going to be this october.  Going to do it Halloween themed, and wondered if anyone had done this and had some creative ideas for neat themed games or gifts or anything like that?

Re: Stag and Doe/Jack and Jill Game Ideas? Halloween themed!

  • Are you throwing your own party? 

    Is your Stag and Doe going to be a fundraiser type thing or just a dual bachelor/bachelorette situation?
  • And yes sorry, I forgot that Stag and Doe's are mostly a Canadian thing, or at least not called that in the States.  It's like a big party with games to raise money for the wedding. Lots of alcohol and games, and hopefully 150+ people.  Totally separate from a bachlorette and bachlor party, and totally separate again from the bridal shower.  

    I am the bride, so normally yes the bridal party takes care of all to do with the stag and doe.  But I'm not comfortable making my girls do all that work and to front all that money.  So i've booked the hall location myself, and we are having a "planning" meeting in a few months where me and all my girls plus the moms are going to sit down and plan the entire thing together.  So just wanted to see if anyone had some neat ideas I could use to change up the typical games you see at these functions to make them more halloween related. :)
  • Lots of helpful responses here, I see.
  • Hahaha wow I never thought stag and does would make people so angry! I think it's more localized to Ontario, Canada (I suppose that's where all of us rude brides are lol!!). And no, not everyone "has" to attend/'s completely optional. If people have such a big problem with it then feel free to not attend or buy a ticket - I find it ridiculous that people get offended by this stuff!!

    Anyways I was also planning a Halloween stag and doe - some fun ideas are prizes for best costume, gummi worms soaked in vodka, maybe have a scavenger hunt to solve a murder mystery (nothing too complicated of course!) There are lots of options so be as creative as you can Laughing
  • My gosh - don't listen to these other people! (Except those who don't know what a stag and doe is!) I'm also from Ontario, and also having a Halloween Stag and doe! We planned ours a year and a half ago but we've planned everything crazy early lol. We don't have too many ideas yet which is how I came across your post (Google). Stag and does are HUGE here and VERY very common, to those who say it's selfish. Our wedding party were each going to pitch in $100 which they'd be getting back from the profits, or us (we for some reason we don't make it), but after a few did we talked about it and decided we could cover most of it, and we'd pay back what the few did pay (with HUGE thanks, they understand what's going on and wanted us to keep it till afterwards). 

    Anyways - it's just a fun party that helps raise money for the soon to be bride and groom. It's not like they're ASKING for money - there's games and contests that they can win prizes in, they just pay for tickets or chances to win. It's like any big party / charity event / fundraiser. For those who don't have money they don't have to spend much, we're doing a halloween dance with games on the side to raise some money.

    Good luck with yours, and again don't think twice about having a stag and doe! It's just not common anywhere else really I researched a while ago, it's more southern Ontario - I didn't realize it was that specific! 
  • Oops, and listen to the person above me, she knows what she's talking about too! :)
  • These are also big in western ma where i now live, and had never heard of one before. It's not selfish, it's a way to party with more people that you couldn't necessarily invite to the wedding! parent's friends, work friends etc. We are doing yard games, as ours is a pig roast next week. We are also having a 50-50 raffle, a big prize raffle (like baskets etc) and then a general prize raffle (pick your prize from a table, like movie gift cards and bottles of wine etc) I hope we make enough to cover expenses, and hopefully wedding flowers :) good luck with yours!!!

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