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Huge fight with my sister at my bachelorette party!!! need help

Long story short my party was last night my sister is my maid of honor and booked a hotel for all the girls. Well i got very upset at her because she left me to go with a friend of hers to a bar and did not come back all night. She came back to the hotel in the morning and i was so drunk i started screaming at her and we got in a huge fight. She then told me she does not want to be in my wedding anymore.I keep trying to call and text her but she is ignoring me. I really do not know what to do. My mom got involved and she is mad at me and i am feeling very depressed i feel so bad i compleatly blacked out and drank too much and apparently i ordered wine that i do not remember ordering from room service and they charged her for it i offered to give her the money for it but she just got upset. How can i difuse this situation? 

Re: Huge fight with my sister at my bachelorette party!!! need help

  • Send her a text apologizing.  Then give her some time to calm down.  Then apologize some more.

    Step two is to consider the fact that if you're EVER drinking to the point of blacking out (as in, even if this has never happened before), it suggests a disordered relationship with alcohol.  If you think it's never going to happen again, it's fine to let it go...but if it's a pattern, you should probably start taking steps to alter your drinking behavior.  (And tell your sister you're doing so- since if you have a pattern of drinking problems, that's probably a big part of why she's mad.)
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    Has your sister been the victim of your drunken behaviour before? I ask because I have a close family member that doesn't remember what he has done after he's had a few drinks and can't figure out why everyone is mad at him the day after he's expressed his drunken opinion or ruined a party.

    Apologize to you sister and make amends as best as you can. Send her the money , with a written apology, for the wine that you ordered. Wait a week and apologize again. Lather rinse and repeat, as necessary. Obviously, watch your drinking.
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    You need to apologize. Your sister did nothing wrong. Maybe next time you want to get drunk and act like a fool you'll think twice. Also pay her back.
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  • First of all, I would address your drinking problem. Making amends is one of the steps. And no, it's not normal to drink until you black out. At all. To apologize without seeking help is like putting a bandaid on a gunshot wound. You are temporarily resolving the issue which will, without a doubt, resurface if you continue to drink that way.
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