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Engagement Party 2 months before wedding

Hey, guys!

So I have a question. My mother wants to throw the FI and I an engagement party (which is awesome!) but she wants to throw it two months before the actual wedding. Now I don't want to sound ungrateful or anything, I'm just wondering if I'm the only one to think it a little late in the game for that specific kind of party? Perhaps I should ask if instead of throwing an engagement party (not that I am traditional, but etiquette states that eparties should be 2-4 months after the engagement), that perhaps she can throw a meet-and-greet-the-wedding-party party so that it is still wedding related? Or should I simply not mention anything about the timing and chuck tradition out the door, show up and enjoy the party? How many of you have attended engagement parties long after the initial engagement? Am I making a mountain out of an ant hill? Just so you know, the planning hasn't even started for the party, as she plans to throw it September 2013, which is why I am thinking of suggesting changing the theme of the party, as there is still room to move, so to speak!

Thanks guys!

Re: Engagement Party 2 months before wedding

  • Agree with Retread.  The engagement party boat has sailed.  Meet and Greet would be a great idea.
  • Thank you, RetreadBride and kmmssg! I will suggest to my Mother to make it a meet-and-greet kind of thing. But I will only suggest, as we have already started butting-heads about certain things in the wedding. I don't really want to start anything :P
  • So here's some news on the battlefront, so to speak :P My Mom and I talked and I had suggested that instead of making it an engagement party, that we should make it more of a meet-and-greet. I had let her know that in the end, it was her call, and that I would be happy with whatever she decided, but she agreed that it was a little late in the game and thought that the meet-and-greet was more appropriate!

    Thanks again, ladies, for your suggestions and input!
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