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Rehearsal Dinner Question!

I don't know if this question is going on the right board, but anyway I was just wondering...who exactly should be invited to the rehearsal dinner? I know the bridal party and our parents/siblings....but...

Are ALL family members invited? What about boyfriends/girlfriends of bridal party members (none of ours are married)? What about close friends?

I'm just curious because I've never done this before and want to make sure I invite the right people :) I also want to try to keep it as intimate as possible, but am not sure how possible this will be since we will probably be having quite a few out-of-town family guests, who I would assume I should invite? 

Any advice appreciated :)
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Re: Rehearsal Dinner Question!

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    For our rehearsal dinner we are inviting just our parents and the people in the bridal party with their significant others. My matron of honor has 2 children and I'm inviting them too. Our siblings are in the bridal party. 

    We have a lot of family from out of town coming in as well. We are having a serperate get together for all of them the day following our wedding. We are going to be hosting a "Chicago style" lunch at FMIL's house. It was important to me to keep the rehearsal more intimiate and have a fun get together with out of towners later.
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    The must invite list for the RD:
    -bride and groom
    -wedding party plus their SOs/dates
    -Readers and their SOs/dates
    -siblings of the bride and groom
    -parents of the bride and groom (and their SOs if the parents are not married to each other)
    -officiant and his SO (if applicable)
    -Anyone else that you have asked to be in the ceremony that is not paid (a friend who may be singing for example) plus SO.

    Also, if any WP members are minor children then they need to be invited with at least one parent.

    You can also invite OOT guests but that isn't required.
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    We are inviting 

    Parents of B and G.
    Bridal Party and extended to SO if they would like

    That's it. We aren't having readers or OOT guests since it's a week before the wedding.
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    We had our parents, our WP, and the great friends that helped out in anyway. Our siblings didn't come since they took the aunts and uncles out to eat. Oh, and of course, our pastor and his wife.
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    Thank you! Very helpful :)
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    This has been helpful.  My list was getting so out of control I felt like it was a wedding before the wedding!  I just worry some people may get offended, but unless they want to chip in they will have to deal.  The cost for everything is getting ridiculous.
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    We're doing only parents, siblings (and dates), grandparents, and those involved in the ceremony (ushers, bridesmaids, groomsmen) and their dates.
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    Everyones suggestions sound good. If someone asks why they werent invited, simply tell them that you couldnt afford it. I would and will be when my day comes Im sure.

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