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Bachelor Party, Kentucky Derby

I am the best man for a wedding in October and I was talking to the groom and we came up with the idea of driving to Louisville KY for his bachelor party and going to the Kentucky Derby. The derby is on 5/1.... not far away. I have some basic questions.

1. We plan on getting in on Friday around 6pm, what is some fun stuff to do on Friday night? Bars, clubs etc?
2. Should we pay the extra money and get stand seating or infield. We are looking to drink and have a good time... craziness does not scare us. If we go infield, how early do we have to get there?
3. What else is there to do beside go to derby? Meaning any ideas of what to do after derby? Bars, clubs etc?
4. We plan on leaving Sunday about noon, anything worth visiting before we leave?

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    Do you already have a place to stay? We book up early around here for Derby :)
    1) Go to 4th Street live for clubs, bars, general party. Sometimes the celebrities go by there after they get done with the charity galas, so that's fun too. The "chow wagon" on the riverfront is fun- music and food, and a nice casual evening.
    2) Infield is casual, crazy fun. It's what I think of as a "bachelor party" versus the stadium seating, which is usuallly the folks who are more dressed up and definately less wild. It just depends what you're looking for. If you do infield, plan to get there early... there is always a line waiting for the gates to open in order to stake out your spot in the grass.
    3) See #1
    4) If you've had a good derby experience, you will not be wanting to get up early to visit anything :)  I definately suggest brunch at Lynn's Paradise Cafe though- get the bourbon french toast
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    1.  I seconded 4th street live. It is a blast although can be a bit expensive. If you are less trendy Bardstown road has a lot of cool laid back bars that can be just as fun.
    2.  Do the infield. It is the best for partying. Most people go really early in the morning. I had friends that went at like 6am and started partying.
    3.  See number 1
    4. Hookah bar (cafe 360) on bardstown road. The slugger museum.

    Don't be surprised about traffic leaving or attending derby. Getting a taxi might be harder then you would think. Definitly get a hotel room asap if you havent already. Things really book up quick.
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