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engagement party mix up

a few of my soon-to-be-family members mistook our clearly stated engagement party invites for bridal shower invites. how is totally beyond me, but nevertheless they bought us very expensive (think kitchenaide stand mixer expensive) for our party. now i feel like when they get the shower invites in a few months, they'll feel silly or even angry. should i address it before that time? or just let it slide? and obviously i DO NOT expect any more gifts from the folks, but how do i tell them that without making them feel bad about the snafu?

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Re: engagement party mix up

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    Word of mouth, but not by you. Parents or Grandparents?
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    [QUOTE]Ensure that those guests are not invited to the shower.
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    But if she doesn't invite, say, Grandma to the shower, don't you think her feelings would be hurt? Mine would, regardless of how big a gift I gave for their engagement.

    You could also not have a shower, or if you do, don't call it a shower, but just a ladies afternoon together so that gifts are not implied.
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    Is it possible that they wanted to give you that gift as an engagement gift? My father gave me a very decent sum of money (think 2 stand up mixers worth) and he knew that it was the engagement party.

    I wouldn't not invite them to the shower, showers are supposed to be fun and they would feel left out. I also wouldn't tell them that it isn't a shower because they might feel silly showing up without a gift, if you're going to sit in a circle and open gifts for an hour. Why not just hand-deliver the shower invite and tell them that after the generous engagement gift, you're not expecting anything else but you want them to be at the shower to join in the festivities?
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    Definitely invite them.... You could even write a personal note on their invites thanking them again for their generous gifts and that you can't wait to see them there? Something along those lines where they see you're acknowledging their gifts and you aren't expecting anything else?
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