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I would like to create a book of recipes from family and friends to give to my daughter at her bridal shower. I would like party attendees to be able to send me their recipes in advance so that I can organize and print a book. Has anyone used a specific software format for this? Or if you have an idea of how this can be done, I'd appreciate any advice!

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    My aunt made me a recipe box for my shower.  She included a recipe card with all the invitations, and people either mailed them back to her or brought them to the shower (or sent them to me later if they didn't attend).  She got personalized recipe cards printed up with my and FI's names, but I've also received a shower invite that just has a pretty recipe card in it to fill out.  You could do the same thing with a binder recipe book. 

    Are you looking to have all the recipes typed and bound together?  I like having a recipe box or binder that I can add to when people give me more recipes.  I have lots of cookbooks, but it's nice to have a place to keep all the random recipes I have. 

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    We mailed out recipe cards w/my invitation. The people that aren't able to attend the shower but still sent me a gift included the recipe card w/my card they gave me.

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