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Help needed!!

So I have a dilemma. My MOH who is also my 1st cousin lives out of state and so does my Aunt on my mothers side-only aunt/uncle on that side of the family. My aunt is a teacher and comes home every summer to be with my grandma. My MOH wants to do my bridal shower and bacherlorette party all in the same weekend which is fine with me. My dilemma is that my MOH wants to do it while my aunt is here over the summer. I am getting married in November. I can see having it in Aug but my aunt leaves the 3rd week so that leaves on the first two weekends, which I have prior engagments. So we looked at July, that last two weekends dont work so we would be looking at doing the parties in Mid July. I think this is too soon for both parties. Am I wrong to want to wait and do it in Sept/Ocf? I feel like I am being selfish for this. HELP!

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    If that's the only time your MOH can throw the shower and your b-party then I don't see anything wrong with it. She's graciously offering to host 2 parties in your honor. They may be a little early, but they're not extremely early and under the circumstances I'm sure everyone will understand. Just get some pretty new dresses and enjoy yourself!
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    Will your Aunt be going to the bachelorette party or just the shower? You could do the shower in July when everyone can be there, and then do the bachelorette party closer to the date. If your MOH can only do it if they are done together in a weekend then that's fine. Go ahead and let her do it. You can still have "Girls Night Out" closer to the wedding with local friends if you want.
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