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How to gifts the gifts home from the reception?

My fiance and I are in a big debate on this topic. Neither of us want the following:

1) Our parents to be responsible for getting the gifts back to our apartment, they've done too much already.

2) To tell our wedding party they can't drink so they can drive our gifts home.

3) To leave the gifts at the venue. They're not open the next day, and god only knows what could happen to them.

4) To take the gifts home ourselves. Or with us to the hotel.

Neither of our families live in town, so they will all be staying at a hotel as will pretty much all of our guests. I thought maybe we could hire someone's kid brother or something like that? At this point I'm willing to pay someone to make this battle go away!

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Re: How to gifts the gifts home from the reception?

  • Your wedding party should help you with the gifts. I have been in three weddings and the wedding party stayed behind with the bride's parents and help them load the cars.
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  • We took DD and DSIL's gifts back to our hotel room. It was a block from the reception, some of the groomsmen loaded them in to an SUV. We all walked the block to the hotel. The groomsmen then got one of the carts from the hotel and took everything up to our room for us. We took everything to DD and DSIL's house the next afternoon (met them there, they left for their honeymoon the next morning).

    FDIL was MOH in a wedding 2 months ago. The morning of the wedding the bride gave FDIL a list of about 13 things that were her "duties" for the day. Once of which included her loading up all the gifts and taking them to the couples home for them (!) - she didn't ask, she told her.  FDIL duties, per the list, included being at the couples new home to help the bride OUT of her dress.  This couple spent their wedding night at their house and left on the honeymoon the next morning too.  I can't recall what the other chores were.  I think ASKING people ahead of time if they would be available for these things is the way to go. In our case, we knew we had enough family that would be there at the end that we didn't ask but we ended up having several groomsmen just line up and start carrying stuff out for us.
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    Unless you are paying someone, it's up to you.  It's really rude and unfair to ask WP or anyone to do it.

    Do you have any friends that have a fairly responsible kid brother/sister?  Most people will ship physical gifts, but there will always be a few items, and some may be fragile.  You can grab the cards and keep them with you to avoid that possibility.  They could just take them back to their house or somewhere, and you could pick them up in the morning.  Hey, if you were local to me, I'd do it for $50.  

    Other than that, you're going to have to do them yourself.  Your venue staff will probably be willing to load them up into a trunk during the reception, but you'll have to drive them home and put them somewhere unless someone else offers to do it.  
  • Our parents put the gifts in our room and we took care of the rest.  It wasn't a big deal and we knew where they were.
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  • Our head server helped us bring our gifts upstairs to our room after the reception.  If we weren't staying at the same location, our parents or siblings would have probably offered to take them for us. 

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    Yeah, the venue coordinator made sure all our gifts were put in our room (at the hotel) during the reception.  We actually did get a bunch of large boxed gifts brough to the wedding.  We just loaded them up in our car and took them home the next morning.  It isn't that hard unless you are leaving directly for your honeymoon or something.

    If that is the case, you are going to have to ask someone to help you.  The key point is to ask nicely.  It is not a requirement that your wedding party or anyone else do this for you.  But if you ask nicely, I'm sure someone will help.

    ETA:  rereading your post, I'd just take them back to the hotel with you.  If that is where everyone is staying, lots of people will be going there so you'll have plenty of transportation. Then just take them home with you the next day (or send them home with your relatives if you are leaving right away).  I think it is more of a hassle to ask someone to make a separate trip to take them to your apartment for you.  They are your gifts, they are your responsibility to deal with (not your wedding party or anyone else).
  • It's not rude to ask your wedding party to help - demanding that they help is rude but it's not impolite to ask family and friends and/or those in your wedding party if they will help you with this.
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