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Comforter set

I just realized the comforter set we registered for is dry clean only.  That really bothers me but its the only set we both really like.   FI doesn't think it's a big deal but I do not see myself taking the thing to the dry cleaners ever.  I'm more likely to throw it one of those industrial size washing machines at the laundromat.  Sigh!  Did any of you get a dry cleaning only one or is everyone here a machine washable gal?
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Re: Comforter set

  • I use Dryel on my dry clean only clothes for the most part.  I've found it works well, unless you have stains to get out... though the stain remover works well too.

    I honestly haven't looked at the stuff we've registered for to see if it's dry clean only.
  • Do you plan to have kids?  if so, don't buy dry clean only!!  I have watched my nieces,  on more than one occasion, throw up in their parents' bed multiple times in the same night.  Had they not been able to wash their comforter and blankets, they would have had no warm bedding.  Just something to keep in mind!
  • Defnitely machine-washable!  Ours is Calvin Klein but Ralph Lauren comforters are amazing and easy to clean.

    For bedding, it really does make a difference on how you treat it.  A lot of the luxury bedding collections will fall apart if you don't take care of them, but will last forever if you treat them correctly.  And we wash ours every season because they do get gross and dirty.  You change your sheets, right? :)
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